Enjoying the very best fish doesn't just happen. We bring together diverse species and flavours from all over the world to our facility in Rilland. We source locally from partners who, like us, strive for the very highest quality. They have dedication to their craft and outstanding knowledge of the product. Be inspired by their story.

Why Verwijs Seafood?

  • 1 Premium Quality
  • 2 Stable Sources
  • 3 Consistent Supply
  • 4 Long-term relations

“Tamimi Fisheries Company has the pleasure to be in business with Verwijs Seafood since 1997. Our longstanding relationship has grew steadily and strongly due to the mutual collaboration, honesty, trust, and support by Verwijs.”

Hussein, Founder at Tamimi Fisheries

“Since our company’s inception John has been a business partner, collaborator, and a great friend. We are very excited about the future and look forward to growing together.”

Dilan, Founder at Taprobane Seafoods

“It’s not often in business you can boast a strong relationship for 30 plus years, a testament to the honest, professional and quality driven attitudes of all that Verwijs imp ex.”

Tim, Founder at Island Seafare

Corporate responsibility is important to us. That's why we encourage sustainability, development and collaboration. The words of Hussein, Dilan & Tim above say it all. We maintain intensive relationships with our suppliers. We have the same attitude towards customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe. We start the conversation with 'you' but the goal is always you.

Our partners' supply is as wide as the world's oceans.