Nothing ‘fishy’ going on here.

Verwijs Seafood believes in the importance of sustainability, and we strive to make it a core part of our business operations. We are proud to be ASC, MSC and IFS certified, which is a recognition of our commitment to sustainability. We understand, however, that sustainability is not just about certification, but also about the actions of our suppliers. We take a holistic approach to sustainability by committing to making a positive impact on the environment, the communities and the people we work with. This is how we contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of important fishing areas.

Why Verwijs Seafood?

  • 1 Premium Quality
  • 2 Stable Sources
  • 3 Consistent Supply
  • 4 Long-term relations

About our

By choosing our partners and sources carefully we make a difference in the seafood world. Our main suppliers give back to the community in terms of employment: giving opportunities to war widows, fair price and equal hire, and through ecological initiatives: planting mangrove trees and using biodegradable nets. This not only supports the local communities but also protects the marine environment.

Furthermore, Verwijs Seafood is a pioneer in marketing Yemeni fish. Although being a 3rd world country prevents our supplier, Tamimi Fisheries, from being certified we are certain they meet our socially responsible requirements: all hand-line caught instead of by trawlers. Aligning with our belief that the traditional ‘man and his hook’ method is better for the ocean, the fish, and the local community.