Off the coast of Yemen and Senegal, Verwijs Seafood sources exotic fish such as barracuda, crab, croaker, grouper and ruby snapper. From the nursery ponds and waters of Southeast Asia we source catfish, emperor, tilapia, pangasius and much more. The exotic fish market quickly became an area of expertise for Verwijs Seafood, enabling us to enter into the African and Asian communities supplying everything between markets and wholesalers all around Europe.


Bart Heijnen

Specialist exotic products

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Reliable partners supply us with high-quality products catered towards African and Asian cuisine. Fished from the Atlantic or Indian Ocean, or farmed in Southeast Asia, we have a large variety of species that come in different shapes and sizes. Whole, headless, gutted, steaks, fillets, loins, smoked, dried and salted. The Exotic range is usually packed in smaller, end-consumer friendly, bags of 800-1000g, with our Star Pride logo or your own logo.