Food manu-

Producers of ready meals, soups and salads that incorporate fish, as well as companies that add value (value added) to unprocessed fish products, need to be able to rely on a good source. Verwijs Seafood delivers very consistent quality because of highly reliable suppliers. Depending on the seasons, we as a supplier and logistics expert, present wonderful base products for further processing.


Andrew Verwijs

Food Manufacturing Specialist

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Companies we work with are active in the fish industry. They process fine-textured fish into basic meals or meal additions, such as crab meat into fish salads or shrimp shellfish into a soup. Similarly, they transform fish full of flavour into breaded fish products. This is how it ends up in retail spaces as fish pasta sauce, burgers, goujons, salad or soups.



We deliver semi-finished and unprocessed products in bulk for further transformation. An example of our bulk packaging options is our pasteurised blue swimming crab, which is available in retail-size pots of 227g, but also in larger 500g vacuum bags. Our bulk packaging options are designed to provide meal solutions providers with the flexibility and convenience they need to produce high-quality ready-made or ready-to-cook meals efficiently.