Food Service

Catering wholesalers, UN missions, commercial aviation, hotels, restaurants, healthcare institutions and other food service providers is done efficiently at Verwijs Seafood. We understand your needs and have the appropriate products for you.


Bart Heijen

Food Service Specialist

--> +31 113 556 575


Customers consist of supermarket chains with a so-called wet counter department in countries such as Belgium, France and Spain, where products like our squid are very popular for re-fresh, but of course also fish specialty stores or small-scale supermarkets. Shrimps, fish fillets and steaks in (small) packaging of 800-1000g at competitive prices are enjoyed by many Seafood Lovers.



We work closely with partners in different corners of the world. An important part comes from Yemen. There they fish with hook and line, on a small-scale and artisanal basis. This manual fishing method benefits product quality. Products are properly processed and stored, with good logistics for container shipments to the European Union. The supply to catering companies by Verwijs Seafood guarantees premium products. We have the source, you have the customer.