Ship stores

The bunkering (or provisioning) of fishing vessels, cruise lines and other maritime shipping, is done by specific wholesalers, who are experts in maritime provisioning. These so-called ship stores form an important part of Verwijs Seafood’s customer base both at home and abroad – one could say it’s an area of expertise.


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Overall, we supply portioned products in bulk packaging. The origin and nature of this ship's produce depends on the location, crew composition or passengers. Luckily, being able to offer a wide range of frozen fish products from various origins is Verwijs Seafood’s strong suit. In other words, we are able to work around the requirements and restrictions of each tender. For example a cruise line may show preference towards higher-end products such as fish fillets, premium quality tuna and salmon originating from Norway.

Our large warehouse space, located strategically between Antwerp and Rotterdam ports, means we can quickly and efficiently deliver frozen seafood products directly to our ship store customers. Additionally, we offer a cross-docking service, which allows our customers to consolidate their frozen food provisions in one convenient location.